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In October 2021, Nicol Landscapes was appointed as Arboricultural Consultants for Lytham Hall, one of the finest Georgian houses in Lancashire. The Hall is Grade I listed and the site and its 80 acres of gardens and parkland are also of great interest, including archaeological interest (and sensitivities) as there was a Benedictine Priory on the site in the 12th century. The trees on the site are covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

Our contracting and consultancy

Phase 1, now completed, has been mainly consultancy work with completion of a thorough survey and safety inspection of all trees within the gardens, parkland and woodland.

Phase 2 (ongoing) is prioritisation of any felling or tree pruning work and associated practical contracting work to ensure the safety of the existing trees.

Phase 3 will be the real “green tree thinking” as we work with the owners and estate manager to devise a planting and tree maintenance programme to develop and protect the trees on the Lytham Hall estate for years to come.

Testimonial from client

Andy and his team at Nicol Landscapes have lived up to their reputation with a very thorough tree survey and safety report for the estate. It has worked well to have one point of contact for all aspects on a major project like this, enabling us to implement our tree risk management strategy, and Andy has given us a valuable foundation for future work. We really appreciated his advice on prioritising the work needed, from pruning boundary trees to identifying those that needed further monitoring and then the safety critical pruning or felling needed by six of our established trees. We would recommend Nicol Landscapes for future consultancy work.” Peter Anthony, General Manager, Lytham Hall Estate

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Comment from Nicol: The Tree Specialist

Lytham is a beautiful estate and the trees include magnificent oaks, beech and Scots pines, many planted before, or at the time of, the Hall’s construction. Many trees are now more than 200 years old and they need work to ensure their health as well as their safety. Following our consultancy stage, the practical work to improve the existing trees has been passed to a local tree management team to be completed during 2023. I hope that, as that work proceeds, it will reveal the potential for new planting in future.” Andy Nicol

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