Hampstead – enabling development with root protection and planning

Arboricultural Impact Assessment


Simon Templeton Architect and the residential owners


The planned redevelopment of a property in Hampstead Heath included significant excavations and the creation of a subterranean swimming pool. The local authority’s planning team sought assurances that a veteran (more than 150 years old) oak tree on the site would not be damaged by the proposed development.

Our contracting and consultancy

Nicol Landscapes conducted a full Arboricultural Impact Assessment using technology and techniques such as visual assessment (to standard procedures) and trial pit excavations. This consultancy work indicated that the defined root protection area of the tree could be adequately protected during the redevelopment work.

The survey and assessment work also ensured that the implications of the development for other trees and shrubs were clearly understood and noted from the outset and that new planting recommendations were incorporated into plans too.

Testimonial from client

Nicol Landscapes provided an excellent service on a large-scale private property next to Hampstead Heath. They were professional, responsive to other consultants and knowledgeable as to the council’s requirements. I would not hesitate to recommend them.” Simon Templeton Architect

Comment from Nicol: The Tree Specialist

This was something a bit different and we were super happy to work with Simon who is an award-winning architect. We achieved our aim of satisfying the planning team (and ourselves and the owners) that the veteran oak tree that dominates the rear garden of the property would not be damaged during the excavation and construction works. It took some green tree thinking to use a range of techniques to be sure but the project has now been able to move on to the next stage.” Andy Nicol

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