Cockermouth – consultation and tree surveys for safety and sustainability

Arboricultural Consultancy and Tree Safety Survey works


Cockermouth Town Council


Andy Nicol has been working with the Town Council as consulting arboriculturalist since April 2019 and part of the tree management strategy is undertaking regular tree safety surveys within Memorial Park Gardens. These are located in Cockermouth Town conservation area, which means that the annual tree management strategy needs to be planned and implemented, not only for a best value price but also to maintain and enhance the public visual amenity that the trees provide.

Our contracting and consultancy

The work with Cockermouth Town Council is a good example of how the range of consulting and contracting expertise at Nicol Landscapes can deliver maximum value and benefit for a client. It also shows how a regular planned approach to surveying and maintenance work can give trees their best chance to thrive in a well-used environment.

Andy Nicol undertakes a bi-annual tree safety survey for the Memorial Gardens and agrees a plan, a schedule and clear costings.

During early 2023, we have been working with the Town Council and the local planning authority to protect one of the oldest trees, an ash. It is a tree within the local conservation area and covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). In-filling cavity with a stack of logs which are joined together e.g. with wire and/or nails and which would need to be wedged in very tightly to prevent removal.  We have submitted proposals to the local planning authority.

Testimonial from client

Andy Nicol and his team covered everything for us – from survey and assessment to prioritisation of jobs and then the practical tree care work. They demonstrated safe working in a public space at all times and their professionalism meant that everything was done with skill and a minimum of hassle. They’ve left us with healthier trees and a safer environment for the town to enjoy.

Comment from Nicol: The Tree Specialist

We’ve built up a number of contracts on arboricultural work with local authorities in Cumbria, with both district and town councils. They know us, we understand their priorities and this work also means that we understand the bigger context for the private client work that we do in the county.

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