Caldbeck Tree Planting

Planning for the Future


Private landowner


The owners of an upland farm within the Lake District National Park were aiming to rewild parts of their holding as well as converting a specific area of grazing land to woodlands. The client had already worked with Cumbria Woodlands to agree a planting plan and to access incentive funding for this project.

Our contracting and consultancy

Nicol Landscapes was commissioned to take on the practical tree planting contract, working within the guidelines associated with the National Park location and the funding agreement. Andy brought together local contractors with the right experience and equipment to deal with the terrain and the planting of 22,000 trees was completed in season for the health of the trees and at the agreed cost.

Testimonial from client

Andy has delivered on time and on budget, working within the restrictions of our funding, the terrain and local agreements with Cumbria Woodlands and others. 22,000 trees is a significant number and Nicol Landscapes have enabled us to create something very special on this land.

Comment from Nicol: The Tree Specialist

Tree planting on this scale was a challenge but one that I knew we could deliver with the right contractors on the site. It was very satisfying to get so many young trees into the ground and, since completion, to see them thriving in their new environment too.

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