Making the most of a much-loved woodland


National Trust


Aira Force is one of the National Trust’s most visited locations in the Lake District National Park. Various dramatic waterfalls and cascades are crossed by bridges and paths as well as being surrounded by trees, many of them more than XX years old. The site is steep and attracts visitors throughout the year.

Our contracting and consultancy

The National Trust’s own team had conducted a full survey of the trees on the Aira Force site and the contracting work to implement a maintenance plan was put out to tender. Nicol Landscapes has been appointed to implement this plan, including pruning and felling of trees throughout the site, some of them in difficult locations, some adjacent to frequently-used paths.

Testimonial from client

To follow on completion and when images/video available.

Comment from Nicol: The Tree Specialist

“This is a beautiful place and keeping it that way means that the trees need to be looked after. It’s a high-profile project for us as our work – as it’s being done and on completion – will be very visible to 100s if not 1000s of visitors. We’ve pulled together an expert team of contractors who have the knowledge and the equipment to complete challenging work efficiently and also safely, not only for the team but also for those still visiting other areas of the site as we work.” Andy Nicol