About Andy

Andy Nicol is our Managing Director, founder and chief green tree thinker. He has been working in the arboricultural sector for over 20 years, having studied Arboriculture at Myerscough College, graduating from The University of Central Lancashire in 1999 after leaving the Royal Navy.

My varied CV means that I’ve worked in the practical, hands-on side of tree care and management as well as developing the more strategic planning side of our work. I am passionate about providing a trustworthy service, professional advice and one-stop-shop tree care in a way that’s personable, reliable and adapted to meet each client’s needs.

Over those decades, Andy has held various senior posts within the public and private sectors. He also has experience of working in the US (Washington DC to be precise) early in his arboricultural career and has worked as an Arboricultural Officer for the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead. He relishes the challenges of a varied portfolio of arboricultural projects, whether consultancy, contracting or a combination.

“One of the things we’re known for is plain English, clear explanations of things like planning restrictions and an ability to find options and solutions, even when we can’t quite resolve every issue.”

About Nicol: The Tree Specialist

Nicol: The Tree Specialist is a trading name of Nicol Landscapes Limited. The company has evolved to focus almost entirely on trees in the landscape, not as a woodland timber crop but still as a valuable asset in the natural and the built environment.

A large number of our projects are residential, helping home owners with their tree challenges, but we are increasingly working on larger-scale projects for other organisations such as housing associations and local councils as well as businesses and commercial projects via architects and land managers.

Whatever your need for green tree thinking, please contact us to find out more about what we can offer.

About the team

The core team is small but we can call on a network of reliable contractors across the UK, depending on the job in hand.

Dependent on location, Nicol can call in specialists, whatever the job or challenge. All are vetted and their work is supported by local recommendations so you can be sure that the team will have the skills and experience to tackle your trees.

From significant tree pruning and crown reduction jobs to much bigger estate planning, planning permissions and planting, Nicol has the skills, experience and expertise to work with clients on all manner of woodland surveys and tree management projects.